#UPDATE Naomi Osaka, who captured her third Grand Slam title at the US Open on September 12, has pulled out of the upcoming French Open with a hamstring injury https://t.co/Ohh4tKFN3R @AFP_Sport https://t.co/krRJiWs3il

More than half of patients and staff with Covid-19 monitored by an Irish hospital suffered persistent fatigue in the aftermath of the initial disease, study shows https://t.co/xVhKhrKmfZ https://t.co/fDKfMBagvF

VIDEO: Virus outbreak forces Van Gogh exhibit relocation to Sydney. The Van Gogh Alive exhibit is previewed to media ahead of its opening on Friday in Sydney after an outbreak of #coronavirus in Melbourne forced organisers to relocate it https://t.co/6gzEyIOE1S

AFP chart showing the dates when global #coronavirus cases rose by 1 million and the number of days between each 5-million increase @AFPgraphics https://t.co/xKfCjpQdAx

A Hindu has been jailed for seven years in Muslim-majority Bangladesh for insulting the Prophet Mohammed on Facebook, a prosecutor says @AFP https://t.co/dkGwanuhZi

Access denied: COVID-19 pandemic complicates journalists’ work. Experts say institutions, governments, officials, companies and sports federations are often using the health crisis as an excuse to restrict journalists’ access https://t.co/SVXqNbb28L 📸 Brendan Smialowski https://t.co/cSMh4tFARC

The Dow ended lower for the first time in five sessions amid a broad-based sell across Wall Street after data showed high numbers of weekly jobless claims https://t.co/OOwBrbWz8b https://t.co/uepGc7cmAn

The owner of fashion retailer Zara, Inditex, returned to quarterly profit in the three months from May to July despite a 31% fall in sales https://t.co/gMoD0PosCC https://t.co/npZk8Fn6mI

The U.S. plans to sharply increase production of cheaper, faster COVID-19 tests – pushing for 100 million a month by the end of the year. But regulators and health experts are concerned about antigen test reliability https://t.co/SJZ4PO63Jo https://t.co/SI7oeLjp3n

Ciaran Martin, who stepped down as head of the U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre this month, wants to make it illegal for companies to pay cyber hackers a ransom https://t.co/H2sOUKUzea

[Infografik] Penyakit Hawar Berdarah [Infographics] Hemorrhagic Septicemia @mafimalaysia @ZoologiMY @PERHILITAN @kpperhilitan @rkiandee @DVSMalaysia https://t.co/lMVGkafojk

Samsung Electronics Co said Friday it has officially launched its new foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, in global markets as the South Korean tech giant expects brisk sales of the device. https://t.co/nF7NtvEFSu https://t.co/QXmMA3rah2

Nigeria’s @AmazingkidEche now holds the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive soccer touches – 111- in one minute while balancing a ball on the head #GWR2021 https://t.co/4CUqWSi9kk

When anti-government protesters in Haiti’s capital blocked roads and clashed with police last year, these couples were on their way to their weddings, decked out in all their finery https://t.co/k5kTpdztu8 https://t.co/conHgRqEpE

The #PremierLeague announced on Thursday that it had agreed a new broadcast deal in China for the rest of the season with #Tencent Sports following the termination of its previous agreement https://t.co/GJAHhSUULR #EPL

“Our house had windows blow out,” said Matt Wilson of Orange Beach, Alabama, one of the towns worst hit by Hurricane Sally. “The whole house was shaking like a boat on the water” https://t.co/GF8aWTw3Ot https://t.co/RxJJcTH5sE

“Our house had windows blow out,” said Matt Wilson of Orange Beach, Alabama, one of the towns worst hit by Hurricane Sally. “The whole house was shaking like a boat on the water” https://t.co/GF8aWTw3Ot https://t.co/RxJJcTH5sE

The Israel and Dubai diamond exchanges have signed an agreement to promote cooperation in a deal certain to boost direct trade between the Middle East’s main diamond hubs https://t.co/A9lDavebjw

TikTok’s next test: its first U.S. presidential election. Known for teenage viral dance routines and prank videos, the app is now increasingly a destination for political content from its users. @eculliford reports https://t.co/Yiwmo9WsYn https://t.co/Zu0T3PPr6h

Viral video perawat yang tampak kesakitan saat melepaskan masker medis usai selesai bertugas menangani pasien positif COVID-19. Simak di sini cerita sang perawat. #Viral #Perawat via @wolipop https://t.co/9wHYRn4S8T

#Terpopuler Kabar duka datang dari Pemprov DKI Jakarta. Sekda DKI, Saefullah, meninggal usai positif Corona. Selamat jalan, Pak Saefullah. #Saefullah #KabarDuka https://t.co/6yCl6w7CvI

Sabah penerima terbesar inisiatif JENDELA bernilai RM2.45 bilion – PM @MuhyiddinYassin https://t.co/Bz322RGMxS #JENDELA #GerbangSabah #PRNSabahBernama #SabahMengundi #SabahMemilih #SabahElection2020 #SabahMongundi

[VIDEO] Seorang mahasiswa di Malaysia kehilangan ponselnya saat sedang tidur. Ketika ponselnya ditemukan di hutan dekat rumahnya, dia menemukan video dan foto selfie… monyet. https://t.co/qXZUDLC1qZ

Malaysia has added 21 new Covid-19 cases in the previous 24 hours to give the country a total of 10,052. Of the new cases, 16 were local transmissions and 5 were imported and involved Malaysian returnees from New Zealand, India, Pakistan and China. #covid19malaysia https://t.co/dCOC0pQMNh

Terkini COVID-19; 17 Sept 2020 Jumlah discaj baru:15 Jumlah kumulatif discaj: 9250(92.02%) Jumlah kes baru;21 Jumlah kumulatif:10052 Jumlah kes aktif:674 Kes tempatan: 16(15WN, 1BWN) Kes import: 5(5WN) Jumlah kematian:0 Jumlah kumulatif:128 (1.27%) Kes di ICU:13 intubated: 2 https://t.co/K0qNTbUQse

#FOTO Pasangan ini viral karena melakukan foto prewedding di kawasan gang sempit Roxy, Jakarta Pusat. Seperti apa inspirasi foto preweddingnya yang viral ini? #Viral via @wolipop https://t.co/N5XQIJ07Ov

SRIKANDI KOMODITI KUNAK Norma baharu beri pengalaman unik kepada Manisah Amkaromi menguruskan ladang kelapa sawit di Ladang Sungang, Kunak, Sabah #NormaBaharu #Sabah https://t.co/jmLQFJW2Hl

Former estate worker M. Sugu gets discharge not amounting to acquittal from Ipoh Sessions Court on charge of causing hurt to wife S. Pavithra, known for her YouTube cooking recipes. https://t.co/cmrScNzoMy