Narwhal tusk and fire extinguisher used to tackle London Bridge attacker

Rakyat Johor diberi peluang kedua memiliki Rumah Impian Bangsa Johor bagi kedua-dua projek di Bandar Dato’ Onn & Bandar Baru Majidee dengan mendaftar semula permohonan di laman web Yayasan Sultan Ibrahim Johor (YSIJ), bermula esok – Kenyataan rasmi YSIJ

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Dr Mujahid Yusof mengulas mengenai keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi #PulauPinang Khamis lalu. #sinarharian

Scientists have discovered a “monster” stellar black hole that’s so massive that, in theory, it shouldn’t exist. “LB-1 is twice as massive as what we thought possible,” the head of the team that made the discovery says.

Pengendali Liverpool mempunyai jalan penyelesaian apabila Fabinho dijangka perlu berehat panjang akibat kecederaan pergelangan kaki. #sinarharian

Exclusive: Reuters sources say the Trump administration is holding inter-agency discussions about possible changes to two key rules that could expand U.S. authority to block even more foreign shipments to Huawei

They left Vietnam carrying dreams of small fortunes and the heavy burden of family expectations. But they died in a box, and came home in coffins. Here are the stories of three of the 39 victims by @pearswick @TrongKhanhVu @nghaphuonggg

WATCH: Scientists say red deer are giving birth earlier in the year in Scotland and it’s some of the first evidence they’ve ever seen that animals are evolving to cope with climate change

Dana Tabung Harapan Malaysia (THM) yang mencecah RM205,491,219 sudah digunakan sepenuhnya untuk membayar hutang 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). – Menteri Kewangan, Lim Guan Eng

Japan’s first bullet train left Tokyo in 1964 running an average of 80 mph. High speed lines now run all over the world and the newest ones are pushing 370 mph.

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong call for weekend rallies, as police withdraw from a university campus that had seen some of the worst clashes with security forces during nearly six months of unrest

Thousands of Australian students walked out of class to join rallies demanding stronger action to rein in #ClimateChange #ClimateStrike

Acclaimed American free solo climber Brad Gobright died Wednesday attempting to descend down the side of a cliff face in El Portero Chico, Mexico, a popular rock climbing destination in northern Mexico.

Using robots in dangerous police situations is common these days, but one police department has been quietly testing a special robot that looks like a dog

Waktu masuk Subuh bagi seluruh negeri Selangor mulai esok ditambah selama lapan minit daripada waktu sedia ada susulan perubahan nilai kedudukan matahari bagi kiraan waktu Subuh daripada 20 darjah di bawah ufuk kepada 18 darjah – JAIS

28 Nov – Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengalu-alukan cadangan Korea Selatan untuk meningkatkan hubungan Kuala Lumpur- Seoul ke tahap perkongsian strategik. @chedetofficial #BeritaRTM #RTM #TunM #Seoul #Korea

Security forces in Iraq have shot dead at least 20 protesters in a 24-hour period amid spiraling violence in the capital and the country’s south. Protesters have closed roads and a large number of police and military forces have been deployed.

Exclusive: Malta’s top journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was blown up by a car bomb in 2017. The murder shocked Europe and revealed the island’s violent, criminal underbelly. This is the previously untold account of the plot to kill her by @StephenGrey

Exclusive: Amazon’s cloud computing unit has designed a second, more powerful generation of data center processor chip by @StephenNellis $AMZN

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern apologized for New Zealand’s handling of a plane crash in Antarctica 40 years ago that took the lives of 257 people in the country’s worst peacetime disaster

Internal DHS watchdog found that the Trump admin. anticipated it would separate 26,000 children if “zero tolerance” policy of 2018 was allowed to continue, and that the agency knew it lacked the technology to track and reunite children with parents.

Secret Service: “The White House was locked down this morning due to a potential violation of the restricted airspace in the National Capital Region. The lockdown has been lifted at this time.”

#UPDATE The world will miss its chance to avert climate disaster without an immediate and all-but-impossible fall in fossil fuel emissions, the UN says in its annual assessment on greenhouse gases

#UPDATE Hong Kong’s leader #CarrieLam has acknowledged that public dissatisfaction with her government fuelled a landslide win by pro-democracy candidates in local elections, but she offered no new concessions to resolve months of violent protests

The death toll from a measles epidemic in Samoa rises to 32 as infection rates continue to soar out of control in the Pacific island nation

Global coal-fired power, a key driver of climate change, is set to fall a record 3.0 percent this year, largely led by developed countries although much-criticised China and India play their part too, analysis showed

Namibians will vote in a general election on Wednesday with the incumbent president facing discontent over the ailing economy despite the nation being one of the most mineral-rich in Africa

Scientists have made a new discovery of more than 140 designs in Peru that were carved in the earth by an ancient people. Researchers from Yamagata University in Japan found the geoglyphs, which could be more than 2,300 years old.

A city in Indonesia is giving students baby chickens to look after, in the hope that the children will spend less time on electronic devices in order to care for them.

China’s high-speed railway network will continue to top the world with an estimated length of 35,000 km by the end of this year, bringing the total length of China’s railways to 139,000 km, said China Railway.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveils his Conservative Party’s manifesto, pledging to move on from Brexit and austerity in a bid to secure a general election victory

US State Department calls on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to suspend the accounts of Iranian government leaders until Tehran re-establishes internet coverage throughout the riot-torn country

As impeachment hearings play out in Washington, high-level officials, many of them immigrants or children of immigrants, who have testified before Congress are being forced to defend their loyalty to the US

#UPDATE Pope Francis rails against the use of nuclear weapons and the growing arms trade as he pays tribute to the “unspeakable horror” suffered by victims of the Nagasaki atomic bomb

Oil from a spill that has contaminated a stretch of Brazil’s coast was detected in Rio de Janeiro state, the navy said, as President Jair Bolsonaro warned the country was preparing for the worst