#Ipoh Orang ramai disaran bersalaman dengan ‘cara Malaysia’ iaitu meletakkan tangan di dada sebagai langkah mengurangkan penularan koronavirus baharu (2019-nCoV). https://t.co/RFj2YlvIGE

The primary transmission path is believed to be virus-laden droplets from an infected person’s cough, though researchers said they may have overlooked patients with symptoms linked to the digestive tract https://t.co/NGWaIeaRcj

At least 31,000 have been infected by the virus that ophthalmologist Li Wenliang brought to light in late December — before becoming its latest victim https://t.co/FNzML7C4oI https://t.co/Kqe7Prk7WO

The news comes after a decade of record temperatures on the planet and a 2019 that was the second hottest year since registers have been kept https://t.co/tWhK7c6lXC https://t.co/R4irwjYnA5