Factbox: Airlines suspend China flights due to coronavirus outbreak https://t.co/Cb5rjwiXnh https://t.co/X1bo8z6aD3

A fully automated greenhouse created by architect Amadou Sidibe is helping Mali fight climate change and the increasing need for food https://t.co/9ZJEcnqvoC https://t.co/zuoDkv7KS1

Statistik terkini kes dan kematian #COVID19 di seluruh dunia dikeluarkan @WHO setakat 8.30am pagi ini (14 Feb). Worldwide current case and death of #COVID19 by WHO as 8.30am today (Feb 14). https://t.co/5O9PX0Cr0t

PRESS RELEASE: Telephone call between PM Tun Dr. @chedetofficial and Chinese President Xi Jinping. PM expressed Malaysia’s solidarity & steadfast support for China. Both leaders agreed on the necessity for concerted efforts to overcome the epidemic. @saifuddinabd @MarzukiYahyaFC https://t.co/KuMthI2d5k

When life gives you every reason to be negative think of one good reason to be positive ~ @LollyDaskal https://t.co/pVKqaI7YVf #TheLeadershipGap #Book #Leadership #Management #Motivation #Inspiration #Quote https://t.co/ZkCCVyPprf