Australia’s Great Barrier Reef shows signs of new coral bleaching #jakpost

Pembinaan Zon Maritim Semporna relevan dalam memperkasa kawalan di perairan pantai timur Sabah, khususnya membantu di Zon Selamat Timur Sabah. #FMTNews #APMM

ICYMI: ‘Parasite’ director Bong Joon-ho was greeted with cheers and applause as he returned to South Korea after his historic four-Oscar win

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Mantan Direktur Pelaksana Bank Dunia menilai semua negara harus memiliki standar dan peraturan yang sama mengenai pertukaran informasi pajak ~ #Money

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A snowfall in northern Ohio inspired a cancer patient’s daughter to write a message to her mom in the fresh snow outside her hospital room at the Cleveland Clinic

Bagaimanapun, siasatan ke atas Liverpool yang sebelum ini didakwa menggodam pangkalan data pencarian bakat City pada 2013 kemungkinan dibuka semula. #BHSukan

Empat WNI yang Terjebak di Kapal Pesiar Diamond Princess Positif Corona Dapatkan berita lainnya di tvOne connect #tvOneNews

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Cristiano Ronaldo marks 1,000th game with record-equalling goal. + 35-year-old scores in 11th successive Serie A game + Has 25 goals in all club competitions this season + Juventus go four points clear

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A hiker in Florida found and took pictures of a rare rainbow snake, a species that experts say hasn’t been seen in the area for more than 50 years