Dog has tested ‘weak positive’ for the virus, owners urged not to abandon their pets. #FMTNews #Coronavirus

Always a decent feeling when we are positively reported about in the press! Electroneum has just appeared in the Khmer Times regarding @cellcardkh , ETN Rewards and the M1 smartphone! #etn #cellcard #cambodia #smartphone #tech #gadgets

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14 new cases reported in Malaysia today, Mar 4. Most of these new cases are close contact or linked to case 26. The total number case in Malaysia so far is 50 with 22 had recovered and discharged.

TERKINI: 14 lagi kes baharu positif #COVID19 di Malaysia, 4 Mac. Sebahagian besar kes ini adalah kontak rapat dan berkait dgn satu kes kluster iaitu kes ke-26. Ini bermakna, 21 kes positif dari kluster ini iaitu 14 kes hari ini dan 7 kes yg telah diumumkan semalam.

Twitter is asking all of its employees worldwide to stay away from their offices until further notice to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus, the company said in a message posted on its official blog

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VIDEO: 🇺🇸 Who will take on Trump in the 2020 US presidential election? At 78, Michael #Bloomberg hit the campaign trail ahead of #SuperTuesday, the biggest day of the primary process. As a Democrat, the billionaire ex-mayor of New York has positioned himself as a moderate.

Tokyo’s Olympic 2020 contract allows postponing of Olympic Games until the end of year, says Japan’s Olympic minister amid coronavirus concerns

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in #Africa Six countries – 4 in North Africa, 2 in West Africa Single cases except for Algeria with 3 Total cases = 8 #coronavirus 🏥🧪🦠