[Infographics] COVID-19: Situation update (As at March 14, 2020) [Infografik] Status terkini COVID-19 (Setakat 14 Mac 2020) @DGHisham @DrAdhamBaba @KKMPutrajaya #COVID19 https://t.co/71oHsVdiOe

18 kes pegawai dan anggota polis termasuk ahli keluarga dikuarantin kerana disyaki menunjukkan simptom COVID-19 – Bukit Aman #COVIDー19 #polis #Malaysia https://t.co/PMEmEdKdkB

BREAKING: Pres. Trump declares national emergency. — Opens up to $50 billion for states, territories and localities. — Calls for states to set up emergency centers. — Calls on hospitals to activate emergency preparedness plans. — Confers new authorities to HHS secretary. https://t.co/AMLe2eOjWX

Wearing a face mask has become the norm in many places in Asia. But in the U.S., it has become discouraged to the point of becoming socially unacceptable https://t.co/3fpDNTFt3v

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his wife, who tested positive for novel coronavirus, has mild symptoms, but they will continue to take every precaution https://t.co/IHksiFAGS9

The decision to keep the US carrier groups in the Gulf follows a series of attacks on US positions in Iraq by Iranian-backed groups that have increased tensions with Tehran https://t.co/n8E8AecpQq https://t.co/Bk6kDsUmuJ

Nasib buruk masih melingkupi mantan pemain terbaik dunia, Ronaldinho. Seusai masuk penjara akibat kasus paspor palsu, kini ia harus menjalani tes virus corona. https://t.co/EFh6KtAFjs