#Refugees are among the most vulnerable to the #coronavirus outbreak. That’s why we’re working with displaced communities all over the world to improve hygiene and sanitation in the face of this crisis. #COVIDー19 https://t.co/MuLzCoP5s1

Statistik #COVIDー19 di seluruh dunia dikeluarkan WHO, 23 Mac 2020. Kematian di Itali tertinggi di dunia melebihi 5,400 manakala Indonesia kadar kematian tertinggi 9.34%. Di AS, berlaku peningkatan ketara kes dan kematian. Di Malaysia, 14 kematian atau 0.91%. https://t.co/aWdM4N1gaA

The one-week closure for all mosques, suraus and prayer halls nationwide will be extended for another week starting March 24, as a precautionary measure to contain COVID-19 – Minister of Religious Affairs. #borneobulletin

Entry from all foreign nationals, including transit passengers will be restricted starting 24th March 2020, until further notice – Minister of Home Affairs. #borneobulletin

Polis di Sandakan menggunakan pelindung muka dalam operasi sekatan jalan raya #PerintahKawalanPergerakan sebagai langkah mengekang penularan #COVID19 https://t.co/ddfHWD22ot

Sehingga 23 Mac 2020 pukul 12:00 tengah hari, terdapat 212 kes baru positif COVID-19 & jumlah terkini 1,518 kes. Drp 212 kes baru yg dilaporkan hari ini, sebanyak 123 kes berkaitan dgn kluster jemaah tabligh.Terkini, 57 kes positif dirawat di ICU,& 27 perlu bantuan pernafasan https://t.co/WO5I71BEEs

Panglima ATM sifatkan tindakan 3 juta orang langgar perintah PKP tak boleh dipandang enteng. Jadi masyarakat tak perlu pertikai mengapa ATM terlibat bantu PDRM. #sinarharian #COVID19 #PerintahKawalanPergerakan #DudukRumahDiamDiam #KitaJagaKita https://t.co/NO4NWXMamV!

A group of Egyptian doctors in Kuwait launched an initiative under the name of “Your Doctor is With You..Stay Home” to answer questions by patients of coronavirus via Whatsapp without any fees. https://t.co/pYafdvCy39

President Trump announces he will activate the federal National Guard to assist Washington, California and New York — 3 of the states hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. https://t.co/yUM27U2FOQ

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Aa Gym turun ke jalan guna mensosialisasikan bahaya penyebaran virus Corona. Dengan menggunakan jas hujan, Aa Gym memberitahu bagaimana bahaya virus tersebut. https://t.co/zUOUX0YPBW

#Coronavirus #COVID19 Pictures show unusual protective masks #AFP https://t.co/PAZPfjIX3c 📸 @franck_fife 📸 Luis Robayo 📸 @intiocon 📸 Michael Tewelde https://t.co/VNuWvvNybf

Chile became the latest Latin American country to announce restrictions on movement over growing coronavirus fears, with A curfew in Chile “will take effect throughout the national territory from 10:00 pm to 05:00 am the next day,” the government said https://t.co/sQ04zcXCvM https://t.co/TmjZt7pGVa

#UPDATE The Afghan government and the Taliban on Sunday held their first discussion on arranging prisoner exchanges, a key step in a broader push for peace, the US special envoy for Afghanistan said on Twitter https://t.co/R6c8NqTTjX

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If you are not fully aware of what you’re feeling, you’ll be clueless about how to handle your emotions. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge https://t.co/hFgwpDFTrh #quotes #SaturdayThoughts #life https://t.co/xMs9JHL8qI