Kini sudah ada 790 kasus positif COVID-19 di Indonesia. Di antara 790 kasus itu, ada 58 orang yang meninggal dunia. Berikut data sebaran kasus positif COVID-19 per provinsi: #VirusCorona

He says those who have sufficient EPF savings would prefer not to withdraw from it as its dividends are higher and safer than conventional savings plans. #FMTNews #EPF #Covid19

[Infografik]: Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan: Kementerian Pertahanan @MINDEFMalaysia #PerintahKawalanPergerakan #DudukRumah [Infographic] : Movement Control Order: Ministry Of Defence #MovementControlOrder #StayHome #covid19

The mayor of Pensacola, Florida, says he won’t take a salary while his city is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic and will donate his paycheck to help residents pay their bills

The US Food and Drug Administration says it is expediting the use of a blood plasma treatment for patients seriously ill with the coronavirus, making it easier for doctors to try another tool to attack the illness.

As a leader you can never stagnate because your job is to show others how to move forward. ~ @LollyDaskal #TheLeadershipGap #Book #Leadership #Management #Motivation #Inspiration #Quote

Kakitangan hospital yang dijangkiti #COVID19 melibatkan: Hospital Teluk Intan, Perak, seramai 37 orang. Selebihnya di Hospital Putrajaya, Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab, Kelantan, Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang dan Hospital Selayang.

Schools nationwide, including colleges, technical schools, vocational schools and religious schools will start home-based online learning on March 30. #borneobulletin

Indians scramble for supplies as three-week coronavirus total lockdown begins #malaysiagazette #coronavirusindia #Covid19India #IndiaFightsCorona

[NEW] According to Leaders Around the World This Is the Most Important Qualities @LollyDaskal #LeadFromWithin #Leadership #Management #HR #Success #Manager

Persoalan juga boleh disalurkan menerusi Webchat, (10 pagi hingga 3 petang) atau layari (klik pada pertanyaan). – LZS #sinarharian #LZS

India’s billion-plus population goes into a three-week lockdown, with a third of the world now under orders to stay indoors, as the #coronavirus pandemic forces Japan to postpone the Olympics until next year

Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. Terima kasih kerana mematuhi Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan. Terus duduk di rumah. Biar kami buat kerja untuk melindungi anda dan keluarga. Semoga Allah melindungi kita dan negara kita. Amin. 😪 @DrAdhamBaba

In the 17th century, residents in the English village of Eyam quarantined themselves to prevent the spread of bubonic plague. Now their descendants are outraged that people are ignoring warnings to stay at home to tackle the coronavirus outbreak

The digital gaming industry is seeing a spectacular boom as record numbers flock to online servers for distraction, entertainment and friendship with the “real world” seemingly falling apart

Banking institutions will offer a deferment of all loan/financing repayments for a period of 6 months, with effect from April 1, 2020 – @BNM_official

Postponement of loan repayment, restructuring of credit card balance and business loans as a result of #COVID-19 involved least RM100 billion – PM @MuhyiddinYassin

Quarantining infected people, workplace distancing and school closures are most effective in combatting the spread of the new coronavirus when implemented together, according to new research looking at Singapore’s response to the killer disease

The Serbian military sets up beds inside Hall 1 of the Belgrade Fair to accommodate people with mild COVID-19 symptoms in Belgrade. More images of temporary coronavirus hospitals under construction around the world: 📷 @markodjurica

President Trump said he wants the U.S. economy to reopen by Easter Sunday, April 12, despite the rapid spread of coronavirus in some U.S. states. Legal experts say the president actually has little power to restart the economy

“Kemarin sudah bicara dengan Presiden ADB, World Bank, IMF untuk melihat mana financing terbaik agar Indonesia bisa respons dengan biaya sekecil mungkin,”