[PENGUMUMAN] Penggantungan Sementara Perkhidmatan Penghantaran Motosikal Melalui Pos Laju [ANNOUNCEMENT] Temporary Suspension Of Pos Laju Motorcycle Delivery Services https://t.co/hCBW7hm5Iz

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#UPDATE US Senate unanimously passes the nation’s largest-ever rescue package — a $2 trillion lifeline to suffering Americans, critically depleted hospitals and an economy ravaged by spreading coronavirus crisis https://t.co/wsn3PPNBQd https://t.co/olGNfmGaWB

Wildlife impacted. The #coronavirus lockdown has meant many monkeys that live in India’s towns and villages are now unable to find food. A man in a village near Ahmedabad takes pity on one large troop https://t.co/CeWn8JrESY

Unified National Networks (UNN) is currently working to boost the data capacity for fixed broadband networks in Brunei to enable students to utilise online learning platforms from home efficiently – MoFE. #borneobulletin

Don’t let other people criticism throw off your determination. ~ @LollyDaskal https://t.co/pVKqaI7YVf #TheLeadershipGap #Book #Leadership #Management #Motivation #Inspiration #Quote https://t.co/bMQ0FlFHZ5

As each nation defends itself from the pandemic, which is temporary in nature, we must not lose sight of the importance of expanding international cooperation to beat the virus. #jakpost #opinion https://t.co/03v4iU6dSf

Unconstitutional for Singapore general election to be held beyond deadline unless emergency declared, says SM Teo | Malay Mail https://t.co/WulpdfPMLNUnconstitutional for Singapore general election to be held beyond deadline unless emergency declared, says SM Teo | Malay Mail https://t.co/WulpdfPMLN

People who smoke tobacco products may be at increased risk of becoming very sick if they contract the #COVIDー19. Smoking makes you more susceptible to COVID-19, because it destroys some of your lung’s natural defense mechanisms. Read for more: https://t.co/5J31utxdk4

IMPORTANT LESSONS FOR LIFE: 1. If they want to leave, let them 2. In loss and failure there’s opportunity for growth 3. Keep less friends that add more value, than a lot of friends that add little value 4. Let go of anything and anyone that pulls you back from your greatness

How to get lucky? • Try • Try again • Try a little differently • Try it again tomorrow • Try and ask for help • Try to find someone who has done it • Try to fix what is not working • Try to expand what is working • Just keep trying until you succeed

Your Life Will Change When You’ll Start: Writing daily. Helping others. Loving yourself. Exercising daily. Drinking more water. Not doubting myself. Practicing gratefulness. Believing in your abilities. Building systems for business. Not hating myself for my mistakes.