#NSTnation “Singapore’s Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security Teo Chee Hean has assured that they will be allowed to work.” https://t.co/I6FDKbmfJ2

#NSTnation Rural Development Ministry assures the Orang Asli will not be excluded from the food aid being distributed by the government amid the Covid-19 pandemic. https://t.co/aH0D89dELB

#NSTnation Areas heavily populated by foreigners will be kept under close watch amid the Covid-19 pandemic, even though such cases there may be low. https://t.co/EfynCk0ZVP

#NSTflash Indonesian singer Glenn Fredly passed away earlier this evening. Not only was he well-known in his home country, the R&B star also made a name for himself in Malaysia. May his soul rest in peace. https://t.co/9Uhwl2Ig8z

“Saya juga bermohon, janganlah pejabat pemerintah mengeluarkan pernyataan yang menimbulkan antipati baru, bahkan perlawanan dari rakyatnya,” kata SBY. https://t.co/B0MgqyQ9zv

Glenn Fredly disebut mengidap meningitis. Kenali penyebab dan jenis-jenis meningitis seperti berikut. #GlennFredly #SelamatJalanBung #RIPGlennFredly via @detikHealth https://t.co/mX6zW2xS1b

Penyanyi Glenn Fredly meninggal dunia. Kabar ini awalnya disampaikan sejumlah rekan Glenn di media sosial. Mereka berduka atas kepergian Glenn. Selamat jalan….#GlennFredly via @detikhot https://t.co/ewhmguVpx9

Photos of the ‘pink’ supermoon, the biggest and brightest supermoon of this year is emerging across the world. The phenomenon occurs when the moon is within 90% of perigee, which is its closest approach to Earth in orbit. #borneobulletin 📸: AP https://t.co/fSFkMRRDtK

[Infografik] #COVIDー19 : Kes mengikut negeri (setakat 12 tengah hari, 8 April 2020) [Infographics] #COVIDー19: Cases by state (as at noon, April 8, 2020) https://t.co/IRqanwu0hC

Sebanyak 489.601 siswa telah mendaftar SNMPTN Tahun 2020. Universitas Brawijaya dan Universitas Diponegoro menjadi universitas yang paling diminati siswa di SNMPTN tahun ini. Berikut peringkatnya: #SNMPTN #SNMPTN2020 https://t.co/6EC1Emdfjd

ASUNCION – A Paraguayan judge on Tuesday ordered the release of Brazilian football great Ronaldinho and his brother into house arrest at a hotel in downtown Asuncion. #BangkokPost #World https://t.co/3YQlMZieR4

SYDNEY – A former choirboy who accused Australian Cardinal George Pell of molesting him said Wednesday he accepts the top Vatican cleric’s acquittal, but urged survivors of child sex abuse to keep coming forward. #BangkokPost #World https://t.co/0aaQ6OtGAA

#Thailand reported 111 new #COVID19 #coronavirus cases, bringing the total to 2,369 and 3 more deaths, bringing the total to 30. #BangkokPost #Thailand https://t.co/kZ1LZxlogU

PHUKET: Another 14 Covid-19 infections have been confirmed in the province, 13 Thais and one Russian, raising the total to 140, the provincial communicable disease committee announced on Wednesday. #BangkokPost #Thailand #woman https://t.co/pSnO9KcNR6

SEOUL – For decades, Thae Yong Ho served the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, rising to become Pyongyang’s deputy ambassador to London before defecting. #BangkokPost #World https://t.co/HNwNrDgBT8

#UPDATES President Donald Trump threatens to cut US funding to WHO, accusing it of bias toward China, where the authorities lift a two-and-a-half month travel ban on Wuhan, the city that spawned the global #coronavirus pandemic https://t.co/8BUg0722BO https://t.co/grrRUlHfiG

The #coronavirus has caused many people, including Britain’s prime minister, to need treatment in intensive care units, where severe cases of COVID-19 often receive breathing support .@AFP looks at what’s involved https://t.co/isYT43imjP https://t.co/knS0R7ytdW

Voicing joy and excitement from behind face masks, tens of thousands of people flee Wuhan after a 76-day travel ban is lifted on the Chinese city where the #coronavirus pandemic first emerged https://t.co/1rN2f5vsVr https://t.co/uoPZ10UEp8