[News Update] The Minister of Health confirms no new COVID-19 cases in Brunei today. The national tally stands at 138. A further 2 patients have been discharged, bringing the total recoveries to 119. #borneobulletin

[News Update] Brunei will observe the first day of Ramadhan on Saturday, April 25. The announcement on the moon-sighting was broadcast on Radio Television Brunei (RTB) earlier this evening following the failure to sight the hilal (crescent). #borneobulletin https://t.co/7UwtuA04ht

PKP dilanjutkan sehingga 12 Mei 2020 – PM Muhyiddin Yassin #PerintahKawalanPergerakan #dudukrumah #stayathome #PrihatinRakyat #NoOneLeftBehind #Covid19 #kitateguhkitamenang https://t.co/FaPosQrFn9

Pengorbanan rakyat Malaysia perangi #COVIDー19 buahkan hasil – PM @MuhyiddinYassin #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #PKP #DudukRumah https://t.co/KQgR2zhx2n https://t.co/QVwsxdFyGC

Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) mengatakan setiap pemakaman pasien Corona (COVID-19) sudah dilakukan dengan prosedur khusus. Berikut penjelasannya: #Pemakaman #JenazahCorona https://t.co/2CPNqmrg9h

VIDEO: As confinement measures are gradually relaxed in Madasgacar, a traditional remedy endorsed by president Andry Rajoelina is being handed out for free as a purported cure for the coronavirus. But scientists say there is no known cure for COVID-19 https://t.co/JfJkUwfDgl

VIDEO: Aerial images have revealed a herd of more than 30 dugongs drifting serenely off the coast of a Thai island. The slow-moving sea creatures, closely related to the manatee, are classified as a vulnerable species https://t.co/QMMl1vFCAJ

#BREAKING China has announced it will donate another $30 million to the World Health Organization to help the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic https://t.co/CetnIzcSaA

VIDEO: In a small room without ventilation, Maoli Plaza is in the last month of her pregnancy. Every time she catches her breath, she feels anguish, because she doesn’t know if she is about to give birth or if it’s due to the new coronavirus advancing in her body https://t.co/08BKXQKTer

As the #coronavirus pandemic bears down on vulnerable nations in Africa and South Asia, experts say there are only weeks to help fill chronic shortages of oxygen https://t.co/gidHX5xliq

VIDEO: “Protect the earth together,” “Bring your own utensils and straws,” “Switch off un-needed lights and conserve energy” – some of the slogans lit up on the facade of the Taipei 101 building as Taiwan celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day https://t.co/gYawH3YHPO

VIDEO: Myanmar has transformed a football pitch in Nattalin Towhship in the Bago region into a huge open-air market to allow vendors more space to adhere to social distancing rules https://t.co/VZ2rzGV2J6

Leaders are responsible for creating a culture where people can do their best work, and show off their potential. ~@LollyDaskal https://t.co/ppfSHzIgez #Leadership #Management #TEDTALK #Tedx #Speaker https://t.co/Gx3tUTrP8L

#COVID19 🇲🇾 Terkini 23 April. Kes baharu 71 Kes sembuh 90 Keseluruhan 5,603 Kes aktif 1,966 Kematian baharu 2 kes Keseluruhan 95 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #StayHome @MuhyiddinYassin @DrAdhamBaba @DrNoorAzmi https://t.co/mF42NajrxX

#COVID19 🇲🇾 Terkini 23 April. 63% daripada pesakit #COVID19 di Malaysia telah sembuh dan dibenarkan keluar dari hospital. Terbaru, 9⃣0⃣ lagi pesakit telah sembuh dan discaj menjadikan keseluruhan telah pulih 3,542 orang. https://t.co/h8gfdz3LGi

#COVID19 🇲🇾 Terkini 23 April. Dua kematian dilaporkan dalam tempoh 24 jam. Kematian ke-94 melibatkan kakitangan kesihatan KKM. Ini menjadikan tiga kakitangan KKM menjadi korban virus itu. Takziah kepada keluarga pesakit. https://t.co/ns7AkqSEW1

Kes-kes ini terdiri daripada: • 77 orang Pegawai Perubatan; • 66 orang jururawat; • 34 orang Pegawai Perubatan Siswazah; • 23 orang Pakar Perubatan; • 21 orang Penolong Pegawai Perubatan; • 104 lain-lain skim perkhidmatan.

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