#BREAKING Canada, US border closure extended until June 21: PM Trudeau https://t.co/Jta850tcMv

Eksplorasi tempat-tempat baru dan lonjakan wisatawan di suatu destinasi wisata jadi dua isu New Normal yang diperkirakan bakal terjadi. Bagaimana persiapan Indonesia dalam menghadapi isu ini? Baca selengkapnya soal #NewNormal di sini: https://t.co/yHjDJgfzYl #CNNIndonesia https://t.co/aQVk1RMTtp

Amazon is reopening its distribution centers in France after they were shut down more than a month ago due to a dispute with labor unions over the health and safety of workers. https://t.co/6tA7shmoGH

Tibet menuntut China membeberkan keberadaan Panchen Lama yang hilang sejak ditangkap 25 tahun silam. Panchen Lama punya otoritas menentukan penerus Dalai Lama. #Tibet #China https://t.co/1oCnNAsTl4

Lesotho’s Prime Minister Thomas Thabane has resigned after months of pressure over his alleged involvement in the murder of his estranged wife in 2017. https://t.co/tr9jrfFcZU

Kejutan datang dari Inggris. Pemerintahnya mengatakan akan menyiapkan 100 juta dosis vaksin Corona pada September 2020 mendatang. #Inggris via @detikinet https://t.co/gt6HndXmP0

Thailand’s flagship carrier will be restructured with the help of a bankruptcy court, making it the latest airline to succumb to pressure from the coronavirus pandemic. https://t.co/65AAhfYIIQ

“The absence of global leadership, which you would most normally expect from the US, has been shocking to me throughout this.” Former PM Tony Blair tells @maitlis governments need to work together to fight #Covid19 FULL INTERVIEW 👉https://t.co/TzyuBIwAcv #Newsnight https://t.co/Nvy8l5Vn7Q

Had a discussion with my counterpart, Japan’s Foreign Minister HE @moteging today. Aside from strong Malaysia 🇲🇾- Japan 🇯🇵 bilateral relations, we also updated each other on #COVID19 developments, esp how our nationals have been repatriated from other nations during this pandemic https://t.co/5Do93oLjAQ

[Infografik] #COVID19: Kes mengikut negeri (19 Mei 2020) [Infographics] #COVID19 Cases by state (May 19, 2020) #PKPB #CMCO #DisplinDiri #SelfDiscipline https://t.co/3thpiBLFzg

Government officials are in close consultation with airline companies on the possible building of regional hubs— particularly in areas under more relaxed quarantine measures — amid calls to gradually reopen select airports around the country https://t.co/PrE78LO4Pv

#Infografis Pemerintah kembali memperbarui data kasus virus Corona (COVID-19) di Indonesia. Hingga hari ini, tercatat pasien positif Corona mencapai hingga 18.496 kasus. — Seperti apa detail kenaikan kasusnya? Simak di grafik berikut ini: #VirusCorona #CoronaIndonesia https://t.co/8vf8IP6tVD

Terkini #covid19malaysia STATUS KESEMBUHAN, 19 Mei 31 kes sembuh dan telah discaj direkodkan pada hari ini menjadikan jumlah keseluruhan sembuh adalah sebanyak 5,646 (bersamaan 80.91%). Tahniah kepada petugas barisan hadapan KKM! https://t.co/qTQedFWYsT

Terkini #covid19malaysia, 19 Mei Kes kematian ke-114 (kes ke-6942), wanita warganegara Malaysia berumur 77 tahun dan mempunyai latar belakang penyakit kencing manis, darah tinggi dan penyakit barah hati.

Terkini #covid19malaysia, 19 Mei Kes kematian ke-114 (kes ke-6942), wanita warganegara Malaysia berumur 77 tahun dan mempunyai latar belakang penyakit kencing manis, darah tinggi dan penyakit barah hati.

Pemangku Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Bernama Datuk Mokhtar Hussain menyampaikan Sumbangan Misi Prihatin Bernama kepada petugas-petugas Bernama di kediaman mereka, hari ini. https://t.co/usKRH6ZaIl

Terkini #covid19malaysia, 19 Mei Saringan Covid-19 Tahfiz / Madrasah Sebanyak 370 buah tahfiz / madrasah telah disaring membabitkan 20,186 orang pelajar / guru / kakitangan. Daripada jumlah tersebut, seramai 14,293 telah diambil sampel dan 659 dilaporkan positif. @DGHisham https://t.co/SvJ8HIalGX

Chinese President Xi Jinping told the World Health Assembly that “China supports the idea of a comprehensive review of the global response to Covid-19 after it is brought under control”. @jgriffiths writes that the country is playing the long game. https://t.co/AS7HgZrEmn

A man who was abducted as a toddler 32 years ago was finally reunited with his biological family on Monday, with the help of facial recognition technology. https://t.co/AuZieBxkG4

Polis, ATM buat rondaan pada hari perayaan – @IsmailSabri60 https://t.co/mKh0EpuQRS #PKPB #JagaJarak #DisiplinDiri #KitaMestiMenang #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #COVID19 https://t.co/3gftQLTKgS


Kelantan nasihati warganya tidak guna laluan tikus untuk pulang beraya https://t.co/VF2fAC7LFz #PKPB #JagaJarak #DisiplinDiri #KitaMestiMenang #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #COVID19 https://t.co/mVyYNi8EVb

Terdapat 2 cara boleh digunakan untuk anda mendaftar dengan aplikasi Mysejahtera. Cara pertama adalah melalui https://t.co/6O477wPi7S. Cara kedua adalah melalui muat turun melalui App Store, Google Play atau Huawei AppGallery. #covid19malaysia https://t.co/4IqSAxhHZv

11 jenis barangan ditentukan harga maksimum melalui Skim Harga Maksimum Musim Perayaan Hari Raya selama 15 hari mulai 20 Mei hingga 3 Jun – Menteri KPDNHEP https://t.co/1P0coX3VgX

Brazil has the third-highest number of #coronavirus cases in the world, according to official figures, with 254,220 confirmed cases, putting it behind only the US (1.5 million) and Russia (290,000) https://t.co/4PyFUTjA0y https://t.co/MAE8ftuTOY

The wildfire season in the western US is shaping up to be even more challenging this year because of the #coronavirus pandemic, which has forced firefighters to rethink how they respond to disaster while also protecting themselves https://t.co/9e6GBqOZKq https://t.co/6rnbIh6i7l

Watching from afar as much of the world was brought to its knees by the #coronavirus African scientists, engineers and innovators have turned to homegrown solutions to prepare for the worst case scenario https://t.co/lhmKOFfDpC https://t.co/PDDVBWhkUI

Hiding snacks under their beds or behind piles of clothes, young Tunisians are finding ways to subvert the Ramadan fast — despite being locked down with their Muslim conservative parents https://t.co/UMVwYmVsxP https://t.co/cVUkqBK5o6

Around half of Chile’s senate and four ministers are in quarantine over #coronavirus, officials say, as jobless protesters in Santiago clash with police to demand food aid https://t.co/4x9pTVTKGI https://t.co/bJoX8O3L8Y

Selain Amerika Serikat, sejumlah negara pada akhirnya mendukung proses investigasi China terkait COVID-19. Total ada sekitar 100 negara yang bergabung. #COVID19 via @detikinet https://t.co/0vvCXB5Lga

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque says the Philippines is targeting to test 1.5 to 2 percent of its almost 110 million population for COVID-19 infection, adds his statement on the lack of mass testing program was ‘taken out of context’ https://t.co/OLZVq2PDJd

Children in Australia’s most populated state will return to school full-time next week, a major step towards normalising public life since the coronavirus pandemic, as Qantas Airways detailed new safety measures for the resumption of flights https://t.co/G6arQKERGG https://t.co/xdGzWNWsAE

NEW: President Trump threatens to permanently pull funding from the World Health Organization and “reconsider” US membership https://t.co/D8JpW7IbL9 https://t.co/ELGLPJcc4C

People with more risk factors for heart disease — such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity — experienced more cognitive decline than people with healthier hearts, according to a new study https://t.co/qnL8cTwAd7