Two days after the Yellowstone National Park partially reopened following coronavirus restrictions, a woman was injured by a bison.

More than 80 people have been killed and thousands more left homeless after Cyclone Amphan slammed into coastal towns and cities in India and Bangladesh on Wednesday afternoon.

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Greece has brought forward its planned reopening to tourists to June 15. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said only tourists from countries with acceptably low rates of virus infection would be permitted.

A two-day-old baby has died of coronavirus-related condition in South Africa, the government has said. With more than 18,000 cases, South Africa has the highest number of coronavirus patients on the continent.

Green snow created by blooming algae in the Antarctic Peninsula is likely to spread as temperatures increase as a result of climate change, researchers have said

British health care workers are taking part in a global clinical trial to test the effectiveness of anti-malarial drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine against coronavirus

VIDEO: It’s a painful experience for the next-of-kin of COVID-19 victims, as they are unable to hold wakes or have one last moment at the hospitals before the bodies are transported to the Vila Formosa Cemetery in Sao Paulo, where the number of daily burials have doubled

BRISBANE, Australia: A bitter row has broken out between Australian states, with some refusing to reopen domestic borders to outsiders despite a steep drop in coronavirus infections. #BangkokPost #World #reopen

The government has sold 50 billion baht of savings bonds in a week as it seeks to finance steps to mitigate the fallout of the coronavirus outbreak, the finance ministry said on Thursday. #BangkokPost #Business #bonds

Japanese appliance-maker Panasonic Corp said on Thursday that next year it will move its Thai-based production of refrigerators and washing machines to Vietnam, laying off about 800 workers. #BangkokPost #Business #production

TOKYO – Doctors in Japan have successfully transplanted liver cells derived from embryonic stem cells into a newborn baby, in a world first that could provide new treatment options for infants. #BangkokPost #World

The governor of a prison in a northern province has been dismissed for allowing an inmate have sex with his visiting wife. #BangkokPost #Thailand #prison

Sicily’s coronavirus co-ordinator and nine other healthcare officials have been arrested, suspected of taking bribes from equipment and services contracts, Italian police say

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COVID-19: MOH declares end of 13 clusters @DGHisham @KKMPutrajaya #PKPB #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri #SelfDiscipline #CMCO #Ramadan #Aidilfitri

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“Things like saying that something is a proven cure for the virus, when in fact it isn’t? We will take that down” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says the social network is working to “take down” coronavirus misinformation

The receptors that let the coronavirus into our cells appear to be less common in children’s noses — which may be why kids are less likely to get sick with the virus, according to a new study.

Salah satu dokter di China mengklaim menemukan jenis virus Corona baru, yang berbeda dari Eropa. Bahkan gejalanya baru muncul setelah 1-2 minggu terinfeksi. #VirusCorona #China via @detikHealth

Terkini #covid19malaysia LAPORAN PENGEMBARA MALAYSIA POSITIF COVID-19, 21 Mei Daripada 50 kes baru yang dilaporkan pada hari ini, 3 adalah kes import yang mendapat jangkitan di luar negara.

Terkini #covid19malaysia STATUS KESEMBUHAN, 21 Mei 90 kes sembuh dan telah discaj direkodkan pada hari ini menjadikan jumlah keseluruhan sembuh adalah sebanyak 5,796 (bersamaan 82.11%). Tahniah kepada petugas barisan hadapan KKM!

Kluster baharu. Kluster Depot Tahanan Imigresen di Bukit Jalil. 35 kes positif. Kesemuanya bukan warganegara Malaysia. 17 warga Myanmar 15 warga India 1 warga Sri Lanka 1 warga Bangladesh 1 warga Mesir.

Terkini #covid19malaysia, 21 Mei Kes sembuh = 90 Jumlah kes sembuh = 5,796 Kes baharu positif = 50 Jumlah positif = 7,059 Kes kematian = 0 Jumlah Kes kematian = 114 Sebanyak 10 kes dirawat di ICU dan 7 daripadanya memerlukan bantuan alat pernafasan.

Non-Muslim houses of worship in COVID-19 green zones allowed to reopen on June 10 but have to comply with SOPs – @IsmailSabri60 #CMCO #COVID19 #selfdiscipline #StaySafe

Seramai 20 kontak wanita hamil yang positif #COVID19 termasuk kanak-kanak berusia tiga tahun, didapati negatif hasil ujian saringan yang dilakukan. – Pengarah JKN Kelantan, Datuk Dr Zaini Hussin/ BH

According to the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI), at least 27 doctors have died due to the disease as of Wednesday. #jakpost

Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko temples in Central Java will be reopened for tourists in June after the popular tourists destinations were closed for the past three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. #jakpost

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan says this extension of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) will be a defining moment as to whether the capital city can resume its normal activities soon or not. #jakpost

An infectious disease expert says he does not agree with the Health chief’s pronouncement that the Philippines is already in the middle of the second wave of COVID-19 infections, maintaining that the country — based on data — has yet to flatten the curve

PKPB: Individu diarah patah balik kerana cuba rentas negeri akan dikenakan kompaun mulai hari ini – @IsmailSabri60 #PKPB #COVID19 #PatuhPKPB #disiplindiri

Non-Muslim houses of worship in COVID-19 green zones allowed to reopen on June 10 but have to comply with SOPs – @IsmailSabri60 #CMCO #COVID19 #selfdiscipline #StaySafe

Gov’t exempts people with disabilities from 50 per cent charge for hotel accommodation during COVID-19 mandatory quarantine – @IsmailSabri60 #CMCO #COVID19 #selfdiscipline #StaySafe

Pelaksanaan Undang-undang Liabiliti Korporat perangi rasuah dalam organisasi komersial kekal berkuatkuasa mulai 1 Jun ini – Pejabat Perdana Menteri

Thousands of Indian migrant workers attempting to return home to Odisha state remain stranded after the cyclone forced the cancelation of special trains to the region.

As China and India prepare to resuscitate their economies, climate experts are demanding they use the coronavirus recovery period to enact policies that reduce emissions, and invest in renewable energy and climate-resilient infrastructure.

The pandemic has revived the classic American tradition of the drive-in as a safe way to stay entertained without potentially spreading coronavirus. One hospitality group based in New York has decided to do just that in a parking lot at Yankee Stadium.

The coronavirus has set global school enrollment back four decades, as closures and recessions in many countries have hit education, according to a new report by the UN Development Programme

“My dream is to meet every kid in the entire world and give them art.” This girl has sent over 1,500 children in homeless shelters and foster care homes art kits to give them an uplifting activity for when they’re feeling down during the pandemic.