Lagi tunjuk perasaan di Hong Kong #malaysiagazette

Happiness escapes from those who refuse to see the good in what they have ~ @LollyDaskal #TheLeadershipGap #Book #Leadership #Management #Motivation #Inspiration #Quote

The month of May could see an unemployment rate north of 20%, according to Kevin Hassett, senior economic adviser to President Trump. He adds that he expects “the unemployment rate will be higher in June than in May, but then after that it should start to trend down” #CNNSOTU

PM Singapura ucap Selamat Hari Raya kepada pemimpin Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia @leehsienloong @MuhyiddinYassin @jokowi #PKPB #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri #SelfDiscipline #CMCO #Aidilfitri

[Infografik] Situasi terkini COVID-19 Malaysia (Setakat 24 Mei 2020) [Infographics] COVID-19 Situation update (As at May 24, 2020) @DGHisham @KKMPutrajaya #PKPB #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri #SelfDiscipline #CMCO #Aidilfitri

COVID-19: 60 kes baharu, 33 pulih, tiada kematian – KP Kesihatan @DGHisham @KKMPutrajaya #PKPB #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri #SelfDiscipline #CMCO #Aidilfitri

Thailand harap uji vaksin COVID-19 terhadap manusia tahun ini #PKPB #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri #SelfDiscipline #CMCO #Aidilfitri

COVID-19 outbreak detected in immigration detention centres. As the virus ravages in these centres we need to enhance the active cases detection and isolate and treat those positive cases immediately. Quarantine those close contacts and decontaminate the respective centres.

Covid-19 knows no boundaries & does not favour any ethnicity & social status. Our whole government & whole community should work together to fight the virus. Negative sentiments against detainees must not be amplified & must not be a catalyst for discrimination in saving lives

Pandemi Corona sejauh ini telah menewaskan 28.600 orang di Spanyol. Ribuan warga pun turun ke jalan dan menyerukan pengunduran diri Perdana Menteri (PM) Pedro Sanchez. #Spanyol

ICYMI: Tesla’s ‘million-mile battery’ has the potential to bring the cost of electric vehicles in line with gasoline models, and allow EV batteries to have second and third lives in the electric power grid

The corruption trial of Benjamin Netanyahu opens in a Jerusalem court. He will become the first serving Israeli prime minister to face criminal prosecution

Idul Fitri identik dengan ziarah ke makam keluarga. Namun di Surabaya, pedagang kembang nyekar mengeluh karena di tengah pandemi Corona omzetnya menurun. #Surabaya

Death and despair on Indian roads as migrants flee cities, some walking hundreds of miles, trying to get home. Some never made it home. @BBCVikas and Anshul Verma report.

On 27 May, two US astronauts are expected to launch to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX capsule What do we know about the astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken?:

“Coronavirus has been described as an invisible killer. What could be more terrifying than that?” @NickTriggle asks: “How scared should we be, of coronavirus?”

Resep minuman segar ini bisa kamu coba untuk temani momen lebaran di rumah saja. Ada bubble tea aneka rasa sampai dalgona coffee! #Lebaran #Inspirasi via @detikfood

#Aidilfitri :Orang ramai yang tidak dapat pulang ke kampung halaman pada Hari Raya Aidilfitri mengambil kesempatan bersiar-siar dan bergambar di sekitar Putrajaya.

Terkini #covid19malaysia STATUS KESEMBUHAN, 24 Mei 33 kes sembuh dan telah discaj direkodkan pada hari ini menjadikan jumlah keseluruhan sembuh adalah sebanyak 5,945 (bersamaan 82.06%). Tahniah kepada petugas barisan hadapan KKM!

Terkini #covid19malaysia, 24 Mei Rumusan Kes Kluster Covid-19: Kluster Perhimpunan di Masjid Seri Petaling Terdapat 8 kes baru positif Covid-19 bagi Kluster Perhimpunan ini dan kesemuanya adalah daripada generasi ketiga.

Terkini #covid19malaysia, 24 Mei Secara keseluruhan, terdapat 3 kluster yang melaporkan kes baharu positif Covid-19 iaitu: – 1 Kluster baru dikesan di Depot Tahanan Imigresen (DTI), Sepang. Kluster ini melaporkan 6 kes baharu positif.

Sejumlah warga tetap melakukan tradisi ziarah kubur saat Lebaran di tengah pandemi virus Corona. Salah satunya di TPU di Bintara, Bekasi. #Lebaran #Ziarah

Studi di Singapura sebut pasien Corona tak lagi menular saat memasuki hari ke-11 meski dirinya masih dalam status positif Corona. #VirusCorona via @detikHealth

Umat Muslim di Solo gelar salat Id berjamaah di area Masjid Al Hikmah. Menariknya, masjid itu terletak berdampingan dengan Gereja Kristen Jawa Joyodiningratan. #Solo #EidMubarak

Hari pertama Lebaran di Sumatera Barat (Sumbar), ditandai dengan terjadinya lonjakan jumlah warga yang positif terinfeksi virus Corona (COVID-19). #CoronaUpdate

Masak bareng Chef Karen Carlotta dan Vidi Aldiano yukk di program COOK4GOOD, bikin Matcha Aice Mochi Vanilla Cake dan Durian Aice Mochi Creme Brule. Kapan lagi masak bareng sambil peduli sesama? Yuk tonton disini >> #aiceindonesia #aiceeskrim

Cipeucang is South Tangerang’s only public landfill and receives approximately 300 tons of waste every day. The landfill is on the brink of being overloaded with mounds of trash as high as 16 meters tall. #jakpost

A 2019 report shows that the Coca-Cola Company produced 3 million tons of plastic packaging in 2017, the highest among 31 companies listed in the report. #jakpost

“Employees who have worked for more than five years usually received THR bonuses equivalent to 1.5 to twice their monthly salary. However, now all employees have only received bonuses equivalent to one month’s salary,” the petition said. #jakpost

The initial winner, a Jambi construction worker named M. Nuh, failed to pay for the motorcycle, saying he was unaware that he was participating in an auction. #jakpost

Do you ever count the amount of waste you produce? Greater Jakarta, with more than 30 million people, sends more than 14,000 tons of waste to eight landfills every day. #jakpost

A recent survey by management consulting company Redseer showed that Indonesia’s e-commerce growth trajectory would remain positive with an expected 50 percent year-on-year growth to reach US$35 billion this year from $23 billion in 2019. #jakpost

“Telemedicine will become part of the new normal. It is here to stay.” According to Market Data Forecast, the telemedicine market in the Asia Pacific is projected to grow from US$8.51 billion in 2019 to $22.45 billion by 2024. #jakpost

For Salmin Haris, a private employee in Jakarta who has been working from home since the onset of the virus outbreak, frozen meals have become something of a godsend amid limited culinary options during quarantine. #jakpost

Making mistakes is something everyone does. Learning from them is not. ~@LollyDaskal #Leadership #Management #TedTalk #Tedx #Speaker

Pemakanan sihat perlu diamalkan setiap hari walaupun pada hari perayaan. Kawal hidangan juadah dan makan ikut keperluan bukan ikut kemahuan. Cik Kiah bertudung bawal, Salam 1 Syawal. Syawal dirai, keluarga dilindungi. #Aidilfitri

If the US began social distancing a week earlier than it did, it could’ve prevented at least 36,000 coronavirus deaths, new research shows. If the US locked down two weeks earlier, it could’ve prevented 84% of deaths and 82% of cases, the research shows.

Another heir of Walt Disney is publicly expressing disgust with the company his grandfather founded for furloughing thousands of workers while continuing to pay its executives millions of dollars and massive bonuses

The UK’s Prince Charles has called on students and furloughed workers to pick fruit and vegetables to plug shortages in the labor market caused by the coronavirus pandemic

NBA legend Magic Johnson has announced that EquiTrust Life Insurance Co., of which the Hall of Famer owns a majority, is providing $100 million in capital to fund federal loans for minority and women business owners who have been hit hard by the pandemic

Growing evidence suggests that Covid-19 infection, like with other illnesses, is related to prolonged time exposed to the virus. The longer you stay in an environment that may contain the virus, the higher the risk of getting sick.

[Berita] Zakaria dilantik pengerusi baharu FINAS, Norman KRU timbalan – Saifuddin @saifuddinabd @kkmm_gov #PKPB #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri #SelfDiscipline #CMCO #Ramadan #Aidilfitri