Penggubalan RUU tangani kesan COVID-19, orang ramai diminta beri cadangan – Takiyuddin @takiyuddin61 #RUU #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri

Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim memantau Program Op Motorsikal Bersepadu Jabatan Siasatan dan Penguatkuasaan Trafik Kuala Lumpur di Jalan Raja Laut berhadapan Sekolah Kebangsaan (L) Jalan Batu malam ini. 📸 Zaini @PDRMsia @PDRMsia_Trafik

PKPB: 22 termasuk Datuk dikompaun berkumpul makan durian #Durian #PKPB #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri #SelfDiscipline #CMCO

PKPB: 22 termasuk Datuk dikompaun berkumpul makan durian #Durian #PKPB #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri #SelfDiscipline #CMCO

Thirteen people died when villagers fought back against armed cattle thieves in northern Nigeria where rustling has been on the increase, police said on Saturday

Maltese authorities have seized counterfeit Libyan money worth $1.1 billion that was printed by a Russian firm and worsen the north African country’s economic problems, the US State Department said

#UPDATE A home ministry order said that places of religious worship, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls “will be allowed” to operate from June 8, while educational establishments will be opened “after consultations” with Indian state authorities

Sri Lankan authorities fear a fresh outbreak of coronavirus infections after thousands of mourners paid their respects to the body of a respected union leader on Saturday, defying a curfew and social distancing rules

Sejumlah pos dibangun untuk mencegah pemudik balik ke daerah tujuan karena berpotensi meningkatkan angka penyebaran corona. Berikut daftar selengkapnya: #CNNIndonesia

One new coronavirus case was found — a male Thai student from Saudi Arabia in state quarantine — raising the national total to 3,077. The death toll remained at 57. #BangkokPost #Thailand #Thailand

SONGKHLA: Police say five men arrested in Songkhla have confessed to murdering a friend because they believe he informed on the mother of one of the suspects. #BangkokPost #Thailand #murder

The anti-graft body has been criticised for subverting the system of checks and balances of politicians and high-ranking officials with its explanation about Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon’s borrowed watches. #BangkokPost #Thailand #NACC

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged citizens to “act with caution” as the UK government prepares to ease lockdown measures on Monday. “I am deeply concerned we are now rushing too fast to lift lockdown measures,” he wrote.

A group of protestors gathered in front of the White House overnight following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police, confronting Secret Service officers for more than five hours

By the end of March, 1 in 7 New York adults had Covid-19 — about 10 times higher than the official account, according to a new study sponsored by the New York State Department of Health

Police video shows 90-year-old woman trying to help her grandson after officers stopped him for allegedly running a stop sign and evading arrest in Texas, US

Seorang pasien dalam pengawasan (PDP) terkait Corona di Kabupaten Pasuruan meninggal. Pria berusia 52 tahun ini didiagnosa pneumonia dan positif HIV/AIDS.

Seorang penambang belerang melakukan aksi heroik. Ia berenang di Kawah Ijen yang asam dan bersuhu 24 hingga 40 derajat celsius, mengevakuasi jenazah rekannya.

Pengusaha restoran ingkar SOP boleh disaman RM1,000 – KP Kesihatan @DGHisham @KKMPutrajaya #PKPB #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri #SelfDiscipline #CMCO

HOW TO BE A BETTER PERSON: Before you speak. LISTEN Before you pass judgement. CARE Before you criticize. WAIT Before you write. THINK Before you quit. TRY ~@LollyDaskal #Leadership #Management #Inspiration

Wisma Putra sedang berbincang dengan beberapa kedutaan menghantar pulang PATI – Ismail Sabri #PerintahKawalanPergerakan #dudukrumah #stayathome #PrihatinRakyat #NoOneLeftBehind #Covid19 #kitateguhkitamenang

[Video] Status terkini – COVID-19 Setakat 30 Mei 2020 @DGHisham #PKPB #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri #SelfDiscipline #CMCO #Aidilfitri @KKMPutrajaya

COVID-19: Lax observation of quarantine in Labuan #PKPB #COVID19 #KitaTeguhKitaMenang #KomunikasiKita #DisiplinDiri #SelfDiscipline #CMCO

“Tapi yang jelas-jelas ada teror yang dilakukan oleh oknum, nah oknum itu yang kita laporkan sebagai bentuk dari fitnah tadi,” kata Dekan FH UII Abdul Jamil. #UII #Teror

Mendagri Tito Karnavian menerbitkan pedoman tatanan normal baru bagi ASN dan Pemda agar dapat kembali produktif namun tetap aman dari Corona (COVID-19). #Mendagri #ASN

Kasus positif virus Corona (COVID-19) di Indonesia bertambah 557 sehingga total menjadi 25.773 hingga hari ini. Lalu pasien yang sembuh ada tambahan 523 sehingga total menjadi 7.015 orang. #VirusCorona

#Infografis Pemerintah kembali memperbarui data kasus virus Corona (COVID-19) di Indonesia. Hingga hari ini, tercatat pasien positif Corona mencapai hingga 25.773 kasus. — Seperti apa detail kenaikannya? Simak di grafik berikut ini: #VirusCorona #CoronaIndonesia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not attend an in-person summit of G7 leaders that US President Donald Trump has suggested he will host despite concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, a German government spokesman said Saturday

A Lufthansa plane carrying around 200 mainly German workers landed in China on Saturday, marking the first return of Europeans since the country suspended visas over the coronavirus

Israeli police in annexed east Jerusalem on Saturday shot dead a Palestinian with special needs they mistakenly thought was armed with a pistol, Israeli and Palestinian sources said

Of the 30 new #COVID-19 cases reported today, three are import cases and 27 local, of which 17 are non-Malaysians and 10, Malaysians – Health @DGHisham

Terkini #covid19malaysia STATUS KESEMBUHAN, 30 Mei 95 kes sembuh dan telah discaj direkodkan pada hari ini menjadikan jumlah keseluruhan sembuh adalah sebanyak 6,330 (bersamaan 81.55%). Tahniah kepada petugas barisan hadapan KKM! Kami hargai pengorbanan anda!

Terkini #covid19malaysia STATUS COVID-19, 30 Mei Daripada 30 kes baharu yang dilaporkan, tiga (3) kes adalah kes import. Baki 27 kes adalah penularan tempatan, dimana 17 adalah bukan warganegara Malaysia dan 10 lagi adalah warganegara Malaysia.

Terkini #covid19malaysia, 30 Mei Kes sembuh = 95 Jumlah kes sembuh = 6,330 Kes baharu positif = 30 Jumlah positif = 7,762 Kes kematian = 0 Jumlah Kes kematian = 115 Sebanyak 9 kes dirawat di ICU dan 2 daripadanya memerlukan bantuan alat pernafasan.

Vietnam, a country of 97 million people, has not reported a single coronavirus-related death and on Saturday had just 328 confirmed cases, despite its long border with China and the millions of Chinese visitors it receives each year

Former US Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that he spoke with the family of George Floyd. “I was truly impressed with their courage and their grace during this unimaginably painful time.”

When Lauren and Lacie Brown graduated from nursing school, neither of them thought they’d be walking right into the front lines of a pandemic. The fraternal twin sisters now work together in an ICU, treating critically ill and Covid-19 patients.

A 19-year-old man was killed after shots were fired into a crowd of protesters in Detroit from an unknown suspect in a vehicle, police say

HOW TO GAIN MORE CONFIDENCE: believe in yourself know you matter your talents are needed your voice needs to be heard say what you think own your power ~@LollyDaskal #Leadership #Management

Britain and the EU will attempt to revive their imperilled trade talks on Tuesday, entering a crucial week of negotiations that could mark the final hope for a deal

VIDEO: Antwerp University Hospital will be using a robot called CRUZR, supplied by the Belgian company Zorabots, to automatically detect the temperature of patients and whether or not they are wearing masks as they enter the hospital

Facing its deepest recession since World War II and with business confidence collapsing, the #coronavirus pandemic is hitting Italy’s economy hard

SpaceX’s “Demo-2” mission from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida this weekend will be the first flight with astronauts aboard the Crew Dragon capsule built by entrepreneur Elon Musk’s commercial space company

Singapore’s otters, long adored by the city-state’s nature lovers, are popping up in unexpected places during the #coronavirus lockdown but their antics have angered some and even sparked calls for a cull

Washington’s declaration this week that Hong Kong is no longer sufficiently autonomous from China was a historic moment with potentially far-reaching consequences for the finance hub — though much depends on President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump says he is severing ties with the @WHO over its handling of the #coronavirus pandemic, as the death toll from the disease spikes again in the United States and Brazil

“I am the son of an Atlanta police officer. … I am tired of seeing black men die.” In an emotional speech, rapper Killer Mike addressed George Floyd protesters while speaking at Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ news conference.

Bail for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin has been set at $500,000, according to the criminal complaint filed in the 4th Judicial District Court of Minnesota

“This is not a protest. … This is chaos.” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms denounced vandalism in her city after demonstrations over the death of George Floyd while in in the custody of Minneapolis police turned violent.

A person who partied in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, area on Memorial Day weekend has tested positive for coronavirus — and was possibly infectious over the holiday weekend

Drive-in concerts are popping up in parts of Europe and throughout the United States as the coronavirus pandemic has brought an end to large public gatherings

“The message from China appears clear to observers in Delhi – this is not a routine incursion.” @BBCVikas and Anbarasan Ethirajan on why are tensions rising between India and China.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz delivers a late night address to his state as protests continue in Minneapolis and around the country. Watch live

Pintu masuk ke Dewan Hongkod Koisaan Persatuan Kebudayaan Kadazadusun (KDCA), Penampang di Sabah sunyi dan lengang selepas ditutup kepada pengunjung yang meraikan Pesta #Kaamatan