“Prinsipnya pemerintah melayani masyarakat, jangan sampai terganggu layanan masyarakat,” kata Tjahjo via: @detikfinance https://t.co/w4rakUxOHZ

As Americans’ rage over racial injustice boils over into a sixth day of protests, Monday also marks the 99th anniversary of one of the worst acts of racial violence the country has ever seen. https://t.co/XpsrPmqmgt

“The racial discrimination against minorities is a social ill in the United States.” China’s foreign affairs ministry has condemned police brutality and racism in the US and says there are “serious problems” that need addressing https://t.co/slmUPL5MXU

AYUTTHAYA: Momentum is building behind Thailand’s push to create its own coronavirus vaccine, with more manpower and resources dedicated to the effort amid hopes it could boost medical tourism. #BangkokPost #Thailand #vaccine https://t.co/DQ1NpU3LZX

SA KAEO: About 1,000 Cambodian traders have picketed at the Thai-Cambodian checkpoint in Ban Khlong Luek in Aranyaprathet district to protest against the prolonged border closure. #BangkokPost #Thailand #border https://t.co/F1nGwGstc9

Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Mananya Thaiset on Monday warned farmers to return their stocks of herbicide paraquat and pesticide chlorpyrifos within 90 days now that the ban on the two chemicals is in effect. #BangkokPost #Thailand #chemicals https://t.co/UjKWqdRNBv

People took in a movie and enjoyed foot massages in a welcome return on Monday to some pampering and popular pastimes as coronavirus restrictions further eased and new infection numbers remained low. #BangkokPost #Thailand #massage https://t.co/3uB75agpii

HOW TO WORK FROM HOME EFFECTIVELY: Set a schedule Split your work day into chunks Schedule breaks Turn off notifications Embrace a routine Reward efforts ~@LollyDaskal #Leadership #Management

Turkish President calls Agong over the phone with the conversation among others touching on the present and post COVID-19 challenges – Istana Negara https://t.co/LZQb4KRu3R

Six close contacts of the Malaysian tested positive for COVID-19 upon returning to Malaysia from Brunei have tested negative for COVID-19 and are currently under quarantine – Minister of Health #borneobulletin

Authorities in Greece are to start moving more than 11,200 people out of flats, hotels and camps on the mainland, to make room for other asylum seekers currently living in dismal island camps leaving them facing homelessness https://t.co/s5jnRX5X27 https://t.co/Zv0kYcSWgU

Services of RMAF @airforcenextgen personnel in safeguarding national sovereignty and security highly valued, greatly appreciated – PM @MuhyiddinYassin https://t.co/ZHIdA7yEe3

#UPDATE Beijing warned Washington Monday of retaliation after President Donald Trump announced restrictions on Chinese students in the US in protest over a new national security law in Hong Kong https://t.co/VvotAHBIfy

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Latin America have surged past one million, while hard-hit Britain and Russia eased lockdowns Monday, despite not having their outbreaks fully under control https://t.co/5gXT4lHUaL

Protests sweeping the United States over the death of George Floyd reverberated on the other side of the globe Monday when thousands marched in solidarity on the streets of New Zealand https://t.co/uDyqmY3seq

VIDEO: Tropical storm Amanda, the first named storm of the season in the Pacific, has flooded entire neighbourhoods in El Salvador, destroying houses and forcing dozens of residents to be evacuated https://t.co/kJRSwF3Amj

[Berita] Rentas Semenanjung-Sabah-Sarawak bagi suami atau isteri perlu kebenaran polis https://t.co/UejEZWgS2H #PKPB #COVID19 #PatuhPKPB #DisiplinDiri #KitaJagaKita #KitaTeguhKitaMenang https://t.co/Q2SBHTJp7U

#COVID19 🇲🇾 Terkini 1 Jun ’20. Kes baharu 38 kes iaitu 26 kes import dan 12 kes jangkitan tempatan. Tiada kematian baharu, kekal 115 kes setakat ini atau 1.46% drpd keseluruhan kes. Daripada keseluruhan 7,857 kes hanya 1,338 masih dirawat/aktif. @MuhyiddinYassin https://t.co/Kg28FswCBN

#COVID19 🇲🇾 Terkini 1 Jun ’20. Pesakit sembuh terbaharu 5⃣1⃣ Keseluruhan 6,404 pesakit COVID-19 di Malaysia telah sembuh dan discaj atau 81.51% daripada keseluruhan kes. @MuhyiddinYassin @DrAdhamBaba https://t.co/IOoQIgFHQP

Pengecualian caj RM1 mesin ATM kekal – Ismail Sabri #PerintahKawalanPergerakan #dudukrumah #stayathome #PrihatinRakyat #NoOneLeftBehind #Covid19 #kitateguhkitamenang https://t.co/r653BPYzAW

Royal Malaysian Navy’s 62nd anniversary celebrated as per the new normal, utilising social media – @IsmailSabri60 @airforcenextgen #CMCO #COVID19 #SocialDistancing #selfdiscipline https://t.co/WNZsV2UE4T

In an emotional response to George Floyd’s family, the Minneapolis police chief says in his mind, all four officers involved in the black man’s killing bear the same responsibility https://t.co/lvz7ojmkYh

PKPB: PDRM keluar 356 kompaun kepada individu ingkar SOP semalam – @IsmailSabri60 #PKPB #COVID19 #PatuhPKPB #JagaJarak #DisiplinDiri #KitaTeguhKitaMenang https://t.co/az3xuMIv5k

PKPB: 56,814 pelajar IPT telah pulang ke rumah masing-masing – @IsmailSabri60 #PKPB #COVID19 #PatuhPKPB #JagaJarak #DisiplinDiri #KitaTeguhKitaMenang https://t.co/PUx3kXMM14

Seorang anggota tentera maut digilis selepas motosikal ditunggangnya terbabit kemalangan melibatkan lima kenderaan di KM 44.1 Lebuhraya KESAS, hari ini – Bomba Selangor https://t.co/17H2cEJPNj

Apa yang diinginkan pemerintah dengan pengurangan PSBB itu? Menteri Koordinator Perekonomian Airlangga Hartarto blak-blakan soal new normal dan kebangkitan ekonomi Indonesia. https://t.co/Y7hLKI81BX via: @detikfinance

The Religious Affairs Ministry has issued new guidelines for houses of worship, which are set to reopen soon as part of the so-called “new normal” after being closed for weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak. #jakpost https://t.co/NPBI4O2L5w

Peretasan Whatsapp di Indonesia kini kian marak terjadi. Yuk ketahui langkah sederhana berikut ini untuk mengamankan agar WA Anda tak diretas. https://t.co/ome7LCh9HW #CNNIndonesia https://t.co/uFjSUfxwAm

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth back in the saddle as the country eases stringent measures to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus https://t.co/WMp54As7V5 https://t.co/9dpfomDDv8