Italian businessman who helped Vatican buy luxury property in London in controversial deal arrested by police

“Indigenous black deaths in custody happen right here in Australia” Black Lives Matter rally in Sydney led by aboriginal mother whose son, David Dungay, died while in prison five years ago

Fifty-seven police officers in Buffalo, New York, have resigned from the force’s emergency response team following the suspension of two officers who allegedly pushed a 75-year-old protester to the ground, a source close to the situation said

124 different groups are currently vying to be the first to develop a vaccine against Covid-19 “The winner will be the vaccine that works for the most amount of people – ideally 90%” says Professor Kalil, medical director at the University of Sao Paulo

Investigating an outbreak isn’t unlike the work of a crime detective So, six months on, what have scientists discovered whilst trying to contain coronavirus? [Thread]

Protesters have defended themselves against chemical irritants such as tear gas in multiple ways, including by using leaf blowers to push the gas away from themselves.

Venezuelan authorities have detained three DirecTV executives after the US-owned television service’s decision to shut operations in the South American country due to US sanctions, their lawyer said Friday

Defiant Australians protest racial injustice despite warnings 📷 @Saeedkhanafp 📷 William West 📷 Con Chronis 📷 Peter Parks

[Infographics] Component 1: Empowering the rakyat [Infografik] Teras Pertama: Memperkasakan rakyat #MemperkasakanRakyat #EmpoweringTheRakyat #PENJANA #BersamaMenjanaEkonomi #KerajaanPrihatin #PKPB

Sebuah helikopter jatuh di kawasan industri, Kabupaten Kendal Jawa Tengah siang ini. Basarnas Semarang mengungkap helikopter tersebut milik TNI. #Kendal #JawaTengah

YouTuber Ferdian Paleka bebas dari tahanan polisi. Hal itu diketahui karena korban dari prank sampah mencabut laporannya karena tak siap menghadapi proses persidangan. #FerdianPaleka via @20detik

Terkini #covid19malaysia, 6 Jun Kes sembuh = 25 Jumlah kes sembuh = 6,635 (Kes baharu positif = 37, Import = 8 Kes penularan tempatan = 29) Jumlah positif = 8,303 Kes kematian = 1 Jumlah Kes kematian = 117 Kes dirawat di ICU = 5

Terkini #covid19malaysia STATUS KESEMBUHAN, 6 Jun 25 kes sembuh dan telah discaj direkodkan pada hari ini menjadikan jumlah keseluruhan sembuh adalah sebanyak 6,635 (bersamaan 79.91%). Tahniah kepada petugas barisan hadapan KKM! We LOVE you!!

[News Update] The Minister of Health confirms no new COVID-19 case in Brunei today, marking 30 days without new cases. One active case remains under treatment at the National Isolation Centre in Tutong. #borneobulletin

3 daripada 10 lelaki dewasa mengaku sangat sukar untuk mencapai ketegangan zakar yang mencukupi. 36.9% lelaki berusia 18 – 29 tahun mengaku menghadapi masalah ini. Jika anda dalam kategori umur ini, jangan risau. Anda mungkin tidak mengalami mati pucuk atau ED.

Hari ini saya membentangkan Prosedur Standard Operasi Perluasan Kapasiti Jemaah bagi Solat Jumaat dan Solat Berjemaah dalam Mesyuarat Khas Menteri-Menteri Bil. 50/2020 yang dipengerusikan oleh YB Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri bin Yaakob (Menteri Kanan Pertahanan). ⁣⁣ ⁣

The U.S. Labor Department’s closely watched employment report showed the jobless rate fell to 13.3% last month from 14.7% in April

SUCCESSFUL CHANGE MANAGEMENT RELIES ON THIS: We are not going to let change happen to us, rather we want to take charge of change and manage it to serve our best interests. ~@LollyDaskal #Leadership #quote #Management #HR #Success #Motivation

Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden criticized President Trump for prematurely celebrating a better-than-expected jobs report, saying the battered economy still faces an arduous rebuilding

#UPDATE The late leader of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) was a top figure in an Islamist insurgency that erupted in 2012 in Africa’s Sahel region and which claimed thousands of military and civilian lives

President Trump again suggested some state governors call in the National Guard to quell the nationwide protest, saying ‘you have to dominate the streets. You can’t let what’s happening, happen’

US authorities are pulling back on their threat to block Chinese airlines from flying into the US after the Chinese government changed its own policy

About a third of Americans surveyed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have used some kind of risky cleaning practice to stop the spread of Covid-19, the CDC says

Babil (12), bocah asal Kabupaten Takalar, Jeneponto, bertahun-tahun harus merawat kedua orang tuanya yang terkena sakit seorang diri. Babil menegaskan tidak malu merawat mereka. Begini kisahnya: #Stroke #KisahInspiratif

Banyak yang menduga terjungkalnya crane saat mengangkat potongan pohon di Turen, Malang terkait mistis pohon. Apa kata pihak kecamatan Turen? #Viral #Crane