Di dalam kawasan Kebon Raya Cibodas terdapat air terjun yang sangat cantik. Air terjun ini tidak terlalu tinggi dan sangat jernih airnya, namanya Legok Cibogo. Lokasinya tak jauh dari Taman Sakura. #AirTerjun #Wisata via @detikTravel https://t.co/TwAH6oKZS9

Penjualan sepeda di era new normal mengalami peningkatan. Bagi pemula, ada beberapa hal yang harus diperhatikan saat memilih sepeda agar sesuai kebutuhan. Apa saja tipsnya? #BikeToWork #Tips via @detikHealth https://t.co/VwbtSGx3e1

Jika kamu berencana melancong ke Yogyakarta, cobalah sempatkan untuk pergi ke bagian baratnya. Di sana ada Pantai Glagah yang menawan. Begini penampakannya: #Wisata #Yogyakarta via @detikTravel https://t.co/s0R7nU5tr5

It was the first time the castle, west of London, has staged an event to mark a sovereign’s official birthday since 1895, when a ceremony was held in honour of Queen Victoria https://t.co/rQqWebY2r1 https://t.co/n02P9Kwoef

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her official birthday on Saturday in subdued style, with a scaled down version of the traditional “Trooping the Colour” ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic https://t.co/rQqWebY2r1 https://t.co/3lAreX2zJv

Four people were killed and more than 50 injured after an oil tanker truck exploded on a highway near Wenling in east China on Saturday, the local government said https://t.co/qG0jt29rpl

Canadians have joined a global push to strip public spaces of racist and colonial symbols, calling this week for a statue of Canada’s first prime minister to be taken down and the renaming of a Toronto street https://t.co/kemanmzpen

Hong Kong police on Saturday said they had reprimanded an officer who shouted “I can’t breathe” and “Black Lives Matter” as his unit dispersed reporters covering a pro-democracy rally the night before https://t.co/5G9CcIgFBn https://t.co/6XroftGI7M

From May 18 to June 3, a total of 165 inmates had been granted parole, as authorities simplified rules to decongest jails amid the coronavirus crisis. https://t.co/9uSIU1exhJ

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin could receive more than $1 million in pension benefits during his retirement years even if he is convicted of killing George Floyd. https://t.co/042hVEXKEg

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) starts to lay the groundwork for the construction of protected bicycle lanes along EDSA on Saturday. https://t.co/Rt03rDF5so

#NSTnation A fight between two #Myanmar nationals at their hostel located at a double-storey shophouse at Kampung Juru here turned fatal when one of them was killed. https://t.co/IU4K6n8b4V

#NSTletters Persons who seek #hypnosis for a #therapeutic purpose are generally subject to worry and stress that prevent them from attaining restful sleep. Hypnosis slows down thinking, contributing to relaxation and restfulness. https://t.co/zkCZTa79TU

#NSTworld Former national security advisor #JohnBolton will release a book that suggests #US President #DonaldTrump committed impeachable offenses beyond Ukraine. https://t.co/oWr2a7J0dZ

#NSTworld Road signs on #Liverpool’s #PennyLane, immortalised by #TheBeatles in their classic 1967 hit, were graffitied over on Friday following claims it was named after a #slave trader. https://t.co/LrP4R3hj9H

#NSTnation “Individuals placed under Home Surveillance and Observation are reminded to always comply with the ministry’s order.” – Datuk Dr #NoorHishamAbdullah https://t.co/bvyxXwB3ze #quarantine #wristbands #covid19 #coronavirus #covid19malaysia #wristbandsforscreening

Pemerintah mengumumkan data orang dalam pemantauan (ODP) dan pasien dalam pengawasan (PDP) virus Corona di Indonesia. Berikut data lengkapnya: #CoronaUpdate https://t.co/NQdOMbZaZ6

Pemkot Surabaya mengistruksikan 16 masjid dan 4 gereja untuk tak melaksanakan ibadah Sementara. Di tempat ibadah itu ada sejumlah pasien yang positif COVID-19. #VirusCorona #TempatIbadah https://t.co/HOV5xCT04h

Pemerintah kembali memperbarui data terkait virus Corona (COVID-19) di Indonesia. Per 13 Juni, ada penambahan pasien sembuh dari Corona sebanyak 563 orang. #CoronaUpdate https://t.co/JiUx0sNgiF

Of the 43 new #COVID-19 positive cases reported today, five are import cases and 38, local, of which 23 are non-Malaysians and 15, Malaysians – Health @DGHisham https://t.co/rExVxI06YV

Terkini #covid19malaysia STATUS COVID-19, 13 Jun Kes baharu = 43 a) melibatkan kes import= 5 b) melibatkan kes penularan tempatan= 38 i) kes warganegara= 15 ii) kes bukan warganegara=23 https://t.co/Yy27m2mcj1

Second phase of the de-escalation plan starting June 15 will include the opening of mosques, suraus and prayer halls for the five-time daily prayers and capacity increase for eateries and sports facilities, with preventive measures in place. #borneobulletin

[News Update] The Minister of Health confirms no new COVID-19 case in Brunei today. The national tally stands at 141. One patient remains under treatment at the National Isolation Centre. #borneobulletin

This zoo witnessed an animal baby boom during the two months that it was shut to visitors, as fewer watchful eyes allowed nature to take its course https://t.co/BucMSKE5Nn https://t.co/8EVEl3Pe7X

Since Ops Benteng border controls started, as of yesterday, 723 illegals, 138 tekong (human smugglers) detained for attempting to enter country via ‘rat trails’ – Ismail Sabri https://t.co/r5W7JWKl4t