Chinese troops did not enter our territory, says PM Modi at all-party meeting on Ladakh standoff

Australia’s conservative government announced plans Friday to double university fees for humanities students, in a bid to push people into more useful, “job-relevant” courses like maths and science

VIDEO: Family members and villagers attend the funeral of Satnam Singh, an Indian soldier killed at the disputed Himalayan border with China. The clash, which left at least 20 Indian troops dead, is the most serious fighting in more than 50 years along the border

VIDEO: A 22-year-old Indian Kashmiri has invented a ventilator made only from spare parts: a soap box, a DVD drive, a bottle cap… Even though the project is still at the prototype stage, the inventor hopes his creation can contribute to India’s battle against the coronavirus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday said English schools would receive £1 billion ($1.2bn, 1.1bn euros) in funding to help pupils catch up after missing months of classes due to the coronavirus

The United States marked the end of slavery by celebrating Juneteenth on Friday, with the annual unofficial holiday taking on renewed significance as millions of Americans confront the nation’s living legacy of racial injustice

VIDEO: Dhaka commuters hitting the streets again after a months-long lockdown are opting for bikes to maintain social distancing — and discovering that pedal power is a way to beat the city’s notorious traffic

Hundreds of thousands of pangolins are killed every year, used both as food and in traditional medicine But campaigners hope reported links between the animal and coronavirus could help end the illegal trade

The Colombian military has rescued two foreign nationals — along with their pet dogs — after they were abducted three months ago by dissident members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

A care home for elderly people in southern Brazil has come up with a creative way to bring some love to its residents amid the coronavirus pandemic, by creating a “hug tunnel” that allows relatives to safely embrace them.

England rugby union bosses are reviewing the use of the slave-era song “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” as a chant by fans, saying many may not be aware of its “historical context.”

Sudah siap menghadapi tes masuk perguruan tinggi favoritmu? Yuk ikut Live Try Out online detikcom! – Selain mengikuti ujian secara live, kamu juga bisa berinteraksi dengan pengajar Bimbel & membahas soal-soal yang telah kamu kerjakan. Daftar di aplikasi detikcom. Gratis!

Police and health enforcement officials are now authorised to levy compound fines up to BND5000 for those defying orders and regulations under the Infectious Diseases Act (Chapter 204). Offenders also face up to BND10,000 fine or 6 month’s imprisonment, or both in court – MoH

Semua kes positif #COVID19 di fasiliti kesihatan kerajaan dan swasta perlu dinotifikasikan kepada KKM. Ini kerana, #COVID19 telah didaftar sebagai penyakit yang perlu dinotifikasi (notifiable disease) mengikut Akta 342.

Masjid Agung Al Barkah, Kota Bekasi, akan menggelar salat Jumat hari ini. Namun, Masjid Al Barkah belum berencana menerapkan Salat Jumat ‘ganjil genap’. #Bekasi #SalatJumat

Meski sudah 30 tahun menikah, pasangan suami istri di China ini masih memisahkan budget hingga makanan untuk kehidupan sehari-hari. Begini kisahnya! #BerbagiMakanan via @detikfood

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima berbicara soal masa depan Lautaro Martinez di Inter Milan. Legenda Nerazzurri itu menganggap Lautaro berada dalam pilihan sulit.

Orang yang dianggap punya pekerjaan kurang signifikan belum tentu tidak punya banyak uang di rekening tabungannya. Sejumlah netizen pun ramai-ramai melaporkan kenalan mereka yang bekerja sebagai OB hanya untuk mengisi waktu. via @wolipop

“Menjadi reseller tidak perlu modal besar, tidak perlu packing, dan tidak perlu ribet akan pengiriman,” kata seorang PR & Marketing. Gimana, tertarik? #PeluangUsaha via @detikfinance

BMKG Maritim Surabaya mengeluarkan peringatan waspada banjir rob di pesisir Surabaya. Fenomena ini akibat adanya fase bulan baru atau spring tide. #Surabaya #BanjirRob

Sebarkan semangat positif, SRC inisiasi gerakan #KitaSalingMenolong untuk bantu para pemilik toko kelontong juga masyarakat dalam memenuhi kebutuhannya sehari-hari dengan mudah. #BersamaSRC #BerbelanjaDekatRumah #KitaSalingMenolong Info lebih lanjut di

Kesalahan saat charge hp yang sering dilakukan tak hanya membuat baterai cepat habis tapi juga bisa merusak gadget kamu. Berikut ini kesalahan saat charge hp yang harus dihindari: via @wolipop

VIDEO: Nearly 80 million people have been forced to flee their homes due to violence and persecution, marking a near-doubling of global displacement in a decade, says UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi

VIDEO: A Czech sculptor teams up with architects to design the country’s first 3D-printed house. The house is being made of special concrete in the southern Czech city of Ceske Budejovice and is planned to float on the Vltava River in Prague in August

VIDEO: Bar owners in Manhattan’s East Village say their businesses are ‘on the edge’ after weeks of coronavirus lockdown. New York’s governor has threatened to roll back phased reopening plans after crowds gathered outside bars in New York City in violation of lockdown guidelines

VIDEO: Miami Beach relaunches its vital tourism business, but maintaining a balance between COVID-19 prevention and a healthy economy will be the city’s biggest challenge ahead

More than one percent of the world’s population – a record 80 million people – have now been forced to flee their homes due to violence and persecution, the UN says @AFP @AFPgraphics

#UPDATE EU leaders launched fraught negotiations Friday, deeply divided over how to raise and then distribute a major recovery fund to revive a European economy ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic

Terkini #covid19malaysia, 19 Jun Kes sembuh = 70 Jumlah kes sembuh = 8,070 Kes baharu positif = 6 (Import = 2 Kes penularan tempatan = 4) Jumlah positif = 8,535 Kes kematian = 0 Jumlah Kes kematian = 121 kes dirawat di ICU = 3

Health @DGHisham #COVID-19 status update – June 19, 2020 – Cases: New 6 / Total 8,535; Recovered/Discharged 70 / Total 8,070 (94.60%); Death(s) 0 / Total 121 (1.42%)

India-China clash: A @Reuters analysis of newly released satellite imagery shows how China brought in machinery and cut a trail through the mountainside by @SimonScarr @sanjeevmiglani via @ReutersGraphics

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron maintained social distance while posing outside 10 Downing Street