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😱 The following is the information that the “tour guide union” passed to members:

* Don’t take the free gift from the duty free shop at the international airport, please be sure to inform the people around you.

Even if it’s a free thing, we can’t take it casually. Be careful when you go out!

The following is a friend’s personal experience, reminding everyone to be careful about the so-called “free gifts” at the international airport duty-free shops.

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I have a friend who was arrested in Bangkok. The reason for the arrest was that he stole a pack of cigarettes at the duty-free shop at Bangkok International Airport.

The thing was this. He bought chocolate and a cigarette at the time, but the cashier put another pack of cigarettes in his bag. He thought it was a free gift from the duty-free shop.

He was arrested as the crime was that the extra pack of cigarette was allegedly stolen in the store.

The Thai police asked him for a fine of 30,000 baht to release him.

He was in prison for two nights and paid 500 baht for air-conditioning. A friend came to see him. Another 200-300 baht for each visitor and finally released with 11,000 baht.
The police officer divided his money in front of him. Later, in court, after another fine of 2,000 baht, he was deported.

His passport was also stamped with the word “thief”. His relatives and friends had asked the embassy to help, but they were told that they were helpless and powerless. Because this kind of thing is happening every day at the Thai airport, many Asians suffer.

But even if there are countless complaints and telephone calls every day, the Thai authorities have not taken any action.

There was also a Singaporean and a Malaysian who were detained with that friend.
On the first night of detention, Singaporeans were released after paying 60,000 baht. On the second night, Malaysians were released after paying 70,000 baht.

You know that this is not a simple shop in Bangkok, but what is happening in the duty-free shop at Bangkok International Airport.

Another customer from India traveled to Taipei and transited to Bangkok International Airport and encountered the same thing.

There are also people at Dubai International Airport who have experienced similar situations. He bought things in a duty-free shop, and a girl put a bottle of perfume in his shopping bag.

He didn’t even know when it was put. In this way, he was suspected of theft and was tossed all day in the airport prison. No food, no water, after a day of suffering, he paid a fine of $500 before being allowed to leave, this is all the dollar cash he brought.

Such fraudulent means occur every day at international airports around the world. These people pre-designed a fraud scheme and colluded with airport staff to constantly find the next target. Duty-free shop employees use this method of fraud mainly to get more extra money.

A little unbelievable? Because the scammers believe that tourists who rush through the border often do not come back the second time in this life!

Therefore, please be sure to pay attention to the receipt of the purchase at any time. For any free gift from the international airport duty-free shop, you must also be careful, please be sure to ask the clerk to indicate the receipt.

For safety reasons, when in an unfamiliar place, don’t take anything for free!

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